The possibility to load the machines from above ensures accessibility. This is particularly important for set-up procedures and monitoring activities. The linear axes allow easy operation, programming and training of the machine.
As the space above the machine is used, valuable production space can also be saved.

PROMOT Gantry Loader LP – Modular in every dimension

PROMOT gantry loaders are characterized in particular by the consistent modularization across all functional modules and weight classes. This allows us to focus on the respective system layout without having to reinvent the wheel for standard functions each time.


Arrow Standard sizes LP1 to LP4 from 1 kg to 250 kg workpiece weight

Arrow Low maintenance due to rack and pinion drive

Arrow Shortest workpiece change times owing to high accelerations

Arrow Reduction of noise pollution stemming from quiet drives and damped energy chains

Arrow Fast installation on site due to the compact, modular design

Benefits of using a gantry loader

Measure Solution

Custom-made solution based on configured, field proud and standardized modules.

Area Needs

Custom-made solution based on configured, field proud and standardized modules.

Insertion Accuracy

Highest positioning and ride-off accuracy due to the high degree of rigidity.


Easy reusability of components during modifications due to modular design.

Typical application of a Gantry Loader LP

Loading of a bevel gear milling machine

Loading of a bevel gear milling machine from a basket stack with our Cellmaster stacking cell, an SPC drawer and a telescopic gantry arm.

Automation of two grinding machines

Automation of two machines with in- and outfeed tac conveyors. In addition, SPC drawers and a station for radial pre-orientation of the workpieces have been integrated.

Loading of 3 lathes

Loading of 3 lathes from basket stacks. The standard modules SPC drawer and NiO chute, as well as a project-specific DMC laser marking station create a highly productive, complete system.

Loading of a turn-mill center

The automation of a turning and milling center. The workpieces are magazined on a WS-UNI 150 pallet conveyor. In addition, a marking station is integrated for signing the finished parts.