Machine Tools Automation - PROMOT Automation

PROMOT Automation boosts your success with the automation of machine tools!

Since 1980 we have specialized in the automation of machine tools for the metal cutting industry.

This is both our vision and our commitment.

We stand for the intelligent, fully automatic and reliable handling of workpieces, pallets and tools.

Regardless of machine type and brand, we always offer you the best solution, perfectly adapted to your production and logistics system.

More than 5,000 completed projects speak for themselves, because:

your success is our mission.


The PROMOT modular system

PROMOT automation cells

Our automation cells are quite varied; as varied as workpieces, production philosophies, logistics, transport containers and machining processes themselves can be.

Thanks to our intelligent and flexible modular kits, our systems are so variable that we adapt the layout of the systems to your production, process and logistics philosophy, using standardized, proven modules.

And we have been doing so since 1980.

Promot Automation

PROMOT Divisions


Workpiece handling


Pallet automation