Toolmaster - tool handling for unmanned production

For unmanned production on several machines with small batch sizes, a large number of tools is required. The Toolmaster provides the machines with the right tools at any time.

Storage capacity variable according to requirements (1,000 - 2,500 tools)
Designed for different toolholder types (e.g. HSK63 or HSK100)
Storage of different tool sizes in the centralized magazine
Tool difference list of all missing tools for the tool pre-setter
Subsequent integration of additional machines
Reduction of the number of operators necessary by storing any number of twin tools
Error-free data transmission using RFID technology
Toolmaster TM - Werkzeugmaschinen Automation

Benefits of using a Toolmaster


Unmanned operation

Fully automated tool changes reduce operational staff to a minimum


Fewer tools

Intelligent software control allows multiple tools to be used in different machines, reducing the total number of tools necessary.


Optimum logistics

The centralized tool storage replaces multiple tool stores. A centralized operating station for several machines simplifies internal processes.



The Palmaster and Toolmaster use a single software application with a common data base. This simplifies operation, reduces interfaces and increases the reliability of the overall system.


Tool management

Versatile options for connection to tool management systems and/or tool setting devices


Exchange during processing time

Tool changes in the tool magazine are executed in parallel machining times of the machining center, so that the machining processing is unaffected.

Typical applications of a Toolmaster

Tool Master for HSK tools

In the central tool magazine, different tool diameters can be stored due to the flexible allocation of the tool combs, pictured here with HSK63 holders.

Toolmaster with small area gantry

The PROMOT small area gantry allows the tool to be moved in all three axes. This makes it possible to solve difficult tool changes in the magazine of the machine tool.

Setup station with RFID data transmission

Up to five tools can be stored or removed simultaneously in the Toolmaster setup station. The data is conveniently transferred by RFID, and data changes can be made at the operating terminal at any time. The Prosys software automatically generates lists for tool life times, unused tools and much more.

Tool Master with extended magazine capacity

The Toolmaster magazine is available in different capacities. Thus, the most diverse production approaches can be realized.