Together we can find the optimal automation solution

Our common, declared goal is to reduce cost per part. Therefore, we work closely with our customers, examining the entire process chain down to the last detail in order to find the optimal solution.

Automation alone is only one part of the solution, so the entire process chain has to be taken into consideration
We support our customers with methodical and well-structured workshops, both in the project planning and in the execution phase
Your employees involved in the workshop are actively involved in the process
The experience of more than 35 years in the automation of machine tools and successful problem-solving from numerous projects in our own production flow into the workshop

The result of the workshop is an analysis of the automation requirements and their ancillary processes, in which our customers are actively involved in finding solutions. This results in a requirement specification that summarizes all of the project requirements and goals.

These modules are available to you in various combinations


Requirements assessment

Machine tool, pallets, fixtures, automation, software, ambient conditions are assessed according to customers needs.


Parts analysis

Which parts are suitable for a flexible manufacturing system, and which could be considered exotic? The parts analysis forms the basis for the design of your plant.


Tool analysis

Basic considerations are made for the correct design of the tool magazines on the machines or for a central tool magazine, tool coding, tool data management.


Variant consideration

Variants are taken into consideration and evaluated regarding machines, tools, automation and logistics.


Time Check

Key figures for the automation system are determined on the basis of the necessary processing times during the automation process.


Flow diagrams

Various software modules are used in the production environment (ERP, MES, DNC, MDE, CAM, etc.). Interdependencies and interfaces are displayed graphically.


Host computer

A host computer can be set up to various extents. The scope of the software and configurable functions are defined.


Specification requirements

Project requirements are determined on site, downstream, and for the machines. The result is a neutral specification requirement and a list of open points


Investment calculation

An investment plan, investment calculation, amortization calculation, and investment criteria are all carefully worked out.

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