Palmaster Setup-Master - maximum productivity

With Palmaster RZ or RL systems, the additional Setup-Master function provides automated setup of serial parts directly into the machine. This means that two tasks can be solved with one system - the automated production of small, pallet-bound batches and automatically setup series parts.

Suitable for cubic and cylindrical blanks

Storage of blanks in matrix pallets for high buffering effect

Gripper station for various part grippers

Different clamping fixtures can be stored in the shelving system

Suitable for machines with or without pallet changer

Prosys production control software for optimized job control

Palmaster Setupmaster - Werkzeugmaschinenautomation

Benefits of using a Palmaster Setup-Master


Optimum use of available space

2 Applications
with 1 system
on 1 footprint


Optimized production

Single part production in manned, serial part production in unmanned shift for stable processes and high quality



Different matrix shapes and different clamping situations - configurable for different manufacturing processes


Safe investment

Low investment costs, long operating life due to versatile applications


Flexible workpiece geometry

Different raw and finished part geometries are possible - from saw cut to cast part


User friendly

Easy, intuitive operation, with the process configurator further series parts can be added at any time

Setup-Master Module

Matrix pallets

The raw, semi-finished and finished parts are stored on matrix pallets. The set-up station is used as the central operator interface. Several different production orders can also be processed on one matrix pallet. The shelf capacity can be filled with any number of matrix pallets - this creates a high storage capacity and flexibility in production.

Interchangeable part gripper

With the turnbuckle developed by PROMOT, the robot can dock both classic pallets and pneumatic grippers. The media interface can couple several compressed air circuits and numerous electrical signals - for single or double grippers, available as centric or parallel gripper.

Gripper station

The gripper station maximizes the flexibility of the overall system. A wide variety of grippers - whether single or double, centric or parallel grippers - can be placed here and docked automatically depending on the part type. Different gripper strokes or component-specific gripper jaws complete the overall concept.

Prosys production control software

The Prosys production control software ensures optimum processes and on-schedule completion of all production orders. Manual and automatic jobs can also be processed in mixed mode. With the process configurator, new workpieces can be created easily and precisely.