Palmaster RL enables a high pallet capacity

The Palmaster RL combines the flexibility of a robot with linear axis. This creates space for a higher pallet capacity and enables the integration of several machine tools.

With the function extension Setup Master, robots can simultaneously perform the automated setup of small parts in addition to classic pallet automation, thus increasing the productivity of the overall system.

Pallet weights up to 400 kg

Pallet size up to 630 x 630 mm, circle of rotation up to 800 mm

Different pallet sizes in one system - flexible storage possible

Suitable for machines with or without pallet changer

Double setup station for easy set-up from OP10 to OP20

Prosys production control software for optimum order control

Palmaster RL - schafft eine hohe Palettenkapazität

Benefits of using a Palmaster RL


Centralized setup

Several machines can be supplied and controlled from a central set-up station. This reduces unnecessary walking distances and simplifies material logistics.


Safe investment

Due to the linear arrangement, your system can be expanded in future and used for additional machines - even with different machine sizes.


Unmanned production

High storage capacity owing to the linear arrangement of the shelves, allowing unmanned operation over several shifts even with short processing times.



Use of different pallet sizes in one and the same system by flexible storage rack.



Realization of complicated machine loadings by using a 6-axis robot.



The system can be expanded at any time with the centralized Tool Master tool store.

Typical applications of a Palmaster RL

Differing machine sizes

With the PROMOT pallet docking system, a wide variety of pallet formats can be handled in one system. This makes it possible to supply machines of different sizes with the same Palmaster.

Differing pallet sizes & set-up stations

Different set-up stations from our modular system can be combined with each other. This increases the flexibility of the overall system with regard to pallet size and transport weight.

Linear system with Setup Master

Through the automated set-up of small parts with the Setup Master, the potential of the robot can be fully exploited in combination with classic pallet automation.

Linear system with Lift Store

The extended version of the RL can be fitted with the automatic pallet Lift Store for an even higher pallet capacity.