Production control software features

With our modular software, Prosys, numerous production strategies can be realized. Beside many others the following key features are available:

Production / order planning
Part administration
Process management
Pallet and pallet type management
Fixture and fixture-type management
Tool difference list including calculation of remaining life time
NC program management
Interface to ERP software
Machine data acquisition
Automatic display of setup documents and images
Automatic versioning of NC programs
SMS / E-Mail messenger system
Ability to set various operator permission levels

Benefits of Prosys production control software


Safe investment

Prosys is developed on the future-proof .NET basis. Due to its modular structure, additional functions can be implemented at any time.


User friendly

Easy, intuitive operation with the PROMOT Prosys software. Due to the server-client architecture several control points can be set up in the production area.


Forward-looking planning

At a glance one can see how busy the plant is with orders, and the order planning is updated for each order.


Resource check

Adapted to your processes, Prosys continuously checks all resources necessary for production, such as pallets, devices, tools, raw materials and much more.



Regardless of machine type and brand, even with individual, customerspecific interface solutions, the user interface is always the same.


Flexible production

With Prosys, different batch sizes, multiple setups, as well as article-, process- or pallet-oriented production operations are possible and can be controlled either manually by the operator or automatically by the software itself.


Manned & unmanned production

Disturbing factors, such as tool breakage or swarf contamination, are treated individually, helping to maximize quality and productivity.