Pallet Master FFS creates the largest possible magazine capacity

The Palmaster FFS creates the largest possible storage capacity by making optimum use of room height. The pallets and fixtures are stored in a fully automatic high-bay warehouse. Pallets are handled by a stacker crane for transport weights of up to 2,500 kg. Due to their modular design, both the high-bay warehouse and the stacker crane can be optimally adapted to the spatial conditions.

Pallet weights up to 2,500 kg
Pallet size up to 1,000 x 1,000 mm, circle of rotation up to 1,600 x 1,250 mm
High-bay warehouse for maximal storage capacity, making full use of the available hall height
Different setup stations possible - with a revolving door or as a height-adjustable, variable-setup station
Mixed storage of material and machine pallets possible
Prosys production control software for optimized job control
Palmaster FFS - Palettenautomation

Benefits of using a Palmaster FFS



The system can be extended at any time with the Toolmaster centralized tool storage system.



Owing to its highly dynamic drive motion, the storage and retrieval machine increases throughput, leading to higher productivity



The high-bay warehouse maximizes storage capacity and with your autonomy, especially for heavy pallets with a large circle of rotation


User friendly

Easy, intuitive operation with the PROMOT software ProSys, which can be adapted to your requirements.


Safe Investment

Low investment costs and higher productivity than with conventional production, thereby achieving rapid amortization


Unmanned production

Maximal storage capacity on account of the high-bay warehouse. The storage and retrieval machine ensures fast changeover times, which in turn increases autonomy and productivity.

Typical applications of a Palmaster FFS

FFS with a variable-setup station

The variable-setup station is height-adjustable and rotatable, thus ensuring the ergonomics of all setup activities. The double setup station makes re-clamping easy.

FFS with Toolmaster

The Toolmaster provides the machines with the right tools at any time. The setup stations can be arranged flexibly.

Flexible layout

Due to its modular construction, we can tailor the layout to your individual production processes. The setup stations and machines can be paced variably.

FFS with material storage

The flexibility of the Pallet Master FFS also enables the storage of material pallets. To accomplish this PROMOT has created not only special Input/Output stations but also the perfect software solution to manage it all.