Palmaster RZ for automated part production

The Palmaster RZ is the perfect entry into automated parts production. Irrespective of the machine type and brand, the optimal system configuration is created to meet all of your production requirements.

Pallet weights up to 400 kg

Different pallet sizes in one system - flexible storage possible

Suitable for machines with or without pallet changer

Double setup station for easy set-up from OP10 to OP20

Maximized number of pallets with our modular system, depending on pallet size

Prosys production control software for optimum order control

Palmaster RZ für die automatisierte Teilefertigung

Benefits of using a Palmaster RZ


Optimal size

Space-saving, but with a very high buffer capacity for unmanned operation over several shifts



Low investment costs and higher productivity than with conventional production, thereby achieving rapid amortization.


Autonomous production

Autonomous, unmanned operation over several shifts reduces the number of machine operators necessary.


Set-up mode

Manual (running-in) operation is possible at any time thanks to flexible bulkheading.



Machine manufacturer independent - with individual, customer-specific interface solutions


User friendly

Easy, intuitive operation with the PROMOT software Prosys, which can be adapted to your requirements.

Palmaster RZ - Variants

Robotic cell with 1 machine

The ideal entry-level solution for the automation of a machine tool. A second machine can be added at a later date.

Robotic cell with 2 machines

The classic robotic cell for automated pallet handling where two different machine sizes can be combined.

Robotic cell with Setup Master feature

The automated setup of small parts with the Setup Master can be permanently integrated in the robot cell in combination with classical pallet automation.

Robotic cell for greater pallet weights

Using a heavy-duty robot, pallets weighing up to 400 kg can be moved through the system.